Birthday Greeter Cousins

Happy birthday to my dear friends Mina and Jean!!! ♥ I love you both dearly!!! Here are your favorite Monroes to greet you as usual. :’D

Welcome Home and Happy Birthday, Mina!
Conti’s, Glorietta 2 / 10.18.14

Right after our St. Luke’s gig we proceeded to Conti’s to welcome home our friend Mina who’s been living in Japan. She came home to celebrate her birthday (the 21st) so of course…we decided to surprise her with an advanced celebration. :D I hope you got surprised, Destiny~~ XD ♥ Love youuuu!

ManikaManila goes to St. Luke’s Family Day 2014: Toy Convention
Henry Sy Sr. Auditorium, St. Luke’s Bonifacio Global City / 10.18.14

My community ManikaManila was invited to do a display at a local hospital’s company family day themed “Toy Convention”. It was quite different to anything we’ve done before so we decided to give it a go. We encountered some problems—across us was a giant bouncy pool filled with plastic balls which would go flying in every direction, and we were afraid that our dolls would get hit! Despite the problems though, it was a fulfilling experience seeing the kids and their families fascinated by our dolls and taking photos of or getting photographed with them. ♥ :)

Knoxx finally has his own body. ;w; I’m so happy. I’m sorry it took so long, Knoxx!!! Box opening photos and a quick review on the body here~ :) Bonus of course with cousin Vice. Sigh, 66cm still looks so short beside Vice. XD Way better than 62cm though!

Akagidoll 66cm Boy Body Box Opening & Short Review

This is quite the useless box opening post as I stopped taking pictures right after I opened up the bag Akagidoll provided. I got too excited ahahahahaha. But if you’ve been following me for a while then you’d know that Knoxx has never had his own body, and it’s been two years since then. I was searching for a body that was taller than 65cm but not muscular and “abs-ful” cause…yeah Knoxx doesn’t exactly work out. Hahaha.

I found Akagidoll through cian1675 who also owns a Peroth. I asked her for some photos and she kindly obliged me. Needless to say, I was sold on the body. It was 66cm and slender, basically it was what I was looking for. It took me so long to save though that Akagidoll came up with a new version of their 66cm body. I took a leap of faith and got that instead. I ordered it through Taobao and it was a bit of a headache. They gave me the wrong tracking number at first, and didn’t put the value I requested it to be declared for.

Onto the body itself though! The resin match is passable. The body is pinker than the head (but it could also be because Knoxx has yellowed since he arrived ahahaha). The difference doesn’t really show in photos, I think. The body is thinner than I thought, but it’s alright I guess since Knoxx doesn’t wear tight clothing or show off his body. I really like the hands, though the nails are a bit longer than what Knoxx would have. A bit of sanding should do the trick. As for poseability, it doesn’t slouch like the old body does, but I can force it to. He can’t do much with his legs, but he’s got a locking mechanism for sitting. So he’s very solid when seated. He also does a nice Indian sit. I still have to experiment with other poses. XD

Wow that was long. I’ll probably do a more detailed review when I have time. But for now…yeah that’s it! Will post more photos of Knoxx on his new body in a bit. :)

Yayoi Mama ♥

My friend Alek asked me a couple of months ago when I’d be open for faceups. I wasn’t planning to open anytime soon, but when he told me it was Yayoi I would paint, I just felt that I wanted to take the commission right away. Yayoi to Alek is how Rose is to me. I knew her as Alek’s default OC and if I had to guess who Alek would resinize first, I’d have chosen her. She wasn’t the first, but when she finally was resinized as April Story Jayden, I felt like a familiar friend was coming home. :D So I agreed to paint her~ I really hope I did her justice. ♥ Thanks for trusting me with her, Alek!

Also, photos of Yayoi with Vice cause I owe Alek. ;>


Oh yeah, it’s real cute when you’re using the romantic notion of depression on a faceup and then auctioning it off with rules on specifically what kind of owner you want for it. What a marketing strategy. Hats off to you! Seriously, it’s just a doll head, and all your faceups look the same angsty way with the same expressions. Do you really have to be so dramatic about selling it?


I usually want to ignore these things but I just couldn’t ignore this one as this means a lot to me too. This person inspires me so so much, and to see her genuine feelings being thought of as something so petty I can’t just sit back and watch.

Before you go on assuming things about people I hope you’d consider that maybe they really are going through something difficult. Not everyone is after the money. People have their own reasons for doing things and they shouldn’t owe you any explanation, but this person seriously poured their heart and soul into this work of theirs (even more than she already does with her usual commissions), wanted to share these feelings with those who follow her, channeled something dark and difficult into something beautiful and meaningful. To this person dolls are not only dolls. They mean something more, and she wants them to mean something more as well to the owners she paints for. And it is precisely for this reason and because of people like you that this person wanted to find a particular type of owner for this doll. Clearly, anon, this doll isn’t for you.

Alek’s Birthday Minimeet
New Bombay & Vanilla Cupcake Bakery, Glorietta 3 / 10.11.14

Celebrated Alek's birthday last Saturday! We had Indian food for dinner then cupcakes for dessert. ♥ It was fun as it always is with my doll friends. :)

Cosplay Mania Minimeet
Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe, SM Mall of Asia / 10.05.14

Didn’t get to spend much time at Cosmania (sads) but I had an awesome time as usual with the lovelies of ManikaManila. Welcomed a number of newbies, which is always nice. ♥ Was finally able to meet Tala, who has a little crush on Vice. She gave him a loomband bracelet. It was the cutest thing. :’) Vice and I say thank you, Tala!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Cold Winter Day: A Photostory

My local community ManikaManila’s monthly photo Theme is Fight Procrastination—do something with your dolls that you’ve been putting off for whatever reason and just DO IT.

I knew exactly what I had to do for this one.

I’ve been putting off doing Yra’s story for almost a year now. I had this written and planned a long time ago but I kept putting it off cause of all the work I had to put into it… and now I can say, I’ve finally done it! Special thanks to Anj (PropertyoftheUchiha) for helping me out. ♥

Anyway, after almost a year…here’s Yra’s story. :)

You can read the whole thing here. ♥

September 12th is Starr’s character birthday. ♥
…I dunno if this is gonna become a thing, shooting my dolls stripping on their birthdays. XD

I did this as a thank you to a friend who drew a birthday picture for Starr~ I hope you like it, Jonna! :>

September 12th is Starr’s character birthday. ♥
…I dunno if this is gonna become a thing, shooting my dolls stripping on their birthdays. XD

I did this as a thank you to a friend who drew a birthday picture for Starr~ I hope you like it, Jonna! :>

igotnonameyet said: no new dokibun art..? just askin :D

I just posted a new photo of them! :)

psychdaeashii said: HOMG, I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your pictures >.<. I have for a very long time! Your Kenshin shoot was beautiful, it really reminded me of the show :D. Where on earth did you ever find that high ponytail wig? X.X It looks so soft.

Wth I wasn’t alerted of this new ask ;A; So sorry it took so long. The high ponytail wig is from Licht! The color is originally blond though, I just altered it for Kenshin purposes. And thank you so much for liking my photos. TTuTT I really appreciate it!!!


Endo came to stay over for a while and of course it called for a shoot. ♥I&#8217;ll forever love how these two look together. Ahhhh, my ultimate OTP.


Endo came to stay over for a while and of course it called for a shoot. ♥
I’ll forever love how these two look together. Ahhhh, my ultimate OTP.